haiii I'm shelby (+more)
west asian + white
tme perisex genderfluid lesbian
ablebodied (?)
sorry for my horrible carrd making skills


  • Please tag or tw apocalypse/end of the world type stuff and unsanitary things

  • Do not use they pronouns or gender neutral terms on me please

  • I don't need tone indicators for everything but if you think they need to be used than you can. Not in every sentence though it's kinda annoying sorry.

  • I get embarrassed by like everything so if I don't talk much than that's probably why lol

  • If you knew me in the past forget everything

  • I am the most inconsistent person ever

  • Please lmk if I do anything that makes you uncomfortable


  • Basic dni stuff (list here)

  • Fans of dsmp, alfred's playhouse, killing stalking, hp, ybc, aot, sanders sides, hetalia, hazbin hotel, ranfren, cavetown, girl in red, etc.

  • Think bisexuality is invalid or pansexuality is a more inclusive version of bisexuality

  • Not critical of your interests

  • Use the toothpaste mlm flag

  • Gyarus who defend extreme tanning

  • Mango dislikers


I'm critical of all my interests. I have a lot more btw. Italic is special interests and bold is current hyperfixations. Check out my listography for every peice of media I've ever consumed.


  • Gyaru fashion

  • Horror

  • Args

  • Internet mysteries

  • Computer viruses

  • Old internet

  • Error screens

  • Analog horror

  • Marine biology

  • Landforms

  • Dinosaurs

  • Animatronics


  • Jojo's bizarre adventure

  • Undertale

  • Deltarune

  • The walten files

  • Fnaf

  • Moral orel

  • Wordgirl

  • Reanimator

  • Lsoh

  • Animal jam

  • Crashbox

  • Serial experiments lain

  • Evangelion

  • Little big planet

  • Rayman

  • Abzu

  • Warrior cats

  • Ena

  • Ni no kuni

  • Yttd

  • Smile for me

  • The mandela catolouge

  • Local 58

  • Max2019

  • Cyberchase

  • Spoingbob

  • Monument mythos


  • They might be giants

  • The garden

  • Radiohead

  • Talking heads

  • Oingo boingo

  • Machine girl

  • Alex g

  • Kimya dawson

  • The mountain goats

  • Neutral milk hotel

  • Lemon demon

  • Will wood

  • Malice mizer

  • Daft punk